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We are excited to host event of Yagnopavit (Janoi) changing on
Sunday, August 26th

This year raksha bandhan is on sunday so, please do take opportunity to explain our kids about our culture & festivals.

Please join the event with family and celebrate Raxabandhan at divine place .
Well versed and very knowledgeable, Pujya Shastriji Krushnakat Vyas from Gadhpurdham will be conducting the ceremony and he will conducting it in the most efficient way with all the rites.

Our Samaj works on financial support and donations; a nominal cost of $25/family is assigned to the event. In addition if anyone is interested in being an event sponsor, as the Yagnopavit is on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan and Poonam, Donation is appreciated, which is tax deductible.

Participants sitting for Yagnopavit ceremony are encouraged to wear traditional dhoti, by no means is it mandatory. RSVP will be most appreciated in planning out the event.


We look forward to celebrating this auspicious day with you all and appreciate your support of Brahmin Samaj of Georgia.

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